Dance your best by taking any of the ballroom dance classes listed below

All course prices include sales tax.

Dance-A-Cross located at 1970 Grand Ave. in West Des Moines (in Normandy Plaza) Dance-A-Cross Studio website

Valley Junction Activity Center at 217 5th St. West Des Moines (in Valley Junction) West Des Moines Parks and Recreation website (class registration page)

Summer courses starting in May - August 2017.

Special NOTE!!!  The prices listed in the West Des Moines Catalog have per couple for pricing and should be per person prices which is what you will be charged when you register for a class.  The per couple is simply a printing error.

NOTE!!!  We are now teaching only 4 dances in the beginning courses spending 2 weeks on each dance (in 8 week courses).

NOTE! ! !  If you would like to practice, you may pay for the formation class, which is $50 per couple, and you may attend any of the classes in addition to your own and practice along side of the regular students.  You may practice during the 3 classses from 12:30-3:30, Monday 6:45-7:45, or Thursday from 6:45-7:45 but you will only receive instruction during your assigned class.   In order to use this special practice, you must be registered in a regular class.


  • Rise to meet each day ~ not all work ~ add a dash of play.

  •             Call 515.865.6043 for more information